JOHN-HENRY ENTERPRISES, INC. provides specialty cleaning solutions & consultation. There is no improvement without change.   We believe that the synergy between chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to … [Learn More]

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Are you hauling waste water? Would you like to know how to reduce your waste-water costs by at least 50%? Can’t expand your business due to the lack of a POTW in the target area? If you answered YES to any of the … [Learn More]

Waste Water Solutions | New Orleans, LA

John-Henry offers the most diverse supply of commercial and industrial-grade pressure washers in Greater New Orleans; plus with each pressure washer you get exceptional Service-after-the-sale. We offer in-house warranty … [Learn More]

Pressure Washer not working?   Need someone to look at it quickly?   Visit our  Metairie Service Center, and we will check it while you wait.  In some cases, it is a quick fix; but when it needs more in-depth service, we … [Learn More]

Did You Know That Stainless Steel Can Rust?

Did you know that stainless steel can rust? Stainless steels are primarily alloys of iron and chromium. When treated properly, the iron in the surface layer is removed and the remaining chromium is converted to chromium oxides. This process is known as PASSIVATION. This chromium oxide layer renders the metal “stainless” in that it prevents […]

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Did You Know That Cleaning Animal Fats Cause Foaming?

Did you know that fatty materials, such as animal fats and vegetable oils, will react with alkaline cleaning solutions and that this reaction both reduces the potency of the solution and can generate copious and troublesome foams? The process is called SAPONIFICATION. Fats and oils consists of two distinct parts – glycerine and hydrocarbon chains. When treated […]

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Did you know that mixing bleach and ammonia could KILL you?

Did you know that mixing bleach and ammonia could kill you? It’s true. Bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) and ammonia (ammonium hydroxide solution) react chemically to form CHLORAMINES and other irritating and toxic products. There are numerous incompatible chemicals that, if mixed, could cause serious injury or death. Another prime example is concentrated acids and alkalies. When […]

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